If you have sparse or thin eyebrows or even poor definition of the brows, the team at The Skin Bar in Matthews, North Carolina, can offer assistance with treatment options such as microblading. Microblading has become a prevalent trend in the beauty world, allowing patients to enjoy a semi-permanent solution that thickens and reshapes the eyebrows with ease. Many patients have questions about this treatment, including what to expect and how long microblading results will remain. Let’s dive deeper into microblading to better understand what it is and how it is used to shape and thicken the eyebrows.

How exactly does microblading work?

Our team at The Skin Bar describes the microblading treatment as semi-permanent tattooing. A small tattooing device is used to add pigment right onto the eyebrows, giving the illusion of thicker, fuller browns and helping those who may have thinning brows, uneven brows, or lightly-colored brows. It is also helpful in restoring confidence in those who may have overplucked their eyebrows or are dealing with certain medical conditions or medications that result in hair loss, such as chemotherapy.

How long will the results of microblading last?

Most of our patients will enjoy their microblading results for around a year or two, though this depends on various factors that may impact longevity of the tattooing technique. Patients may also want to visit The Skin Bar regularly to have touch-up treatments to keep the brows looking stunning for years!

Will my skin type affect the longevity of my microblading results?

Yes! It is important to understand that your skin type may affect the final and lasting results of your microblading treatment. This is specific to those with oily skin. Oil production on the skin can cause the pigment from the semi-permanent tattoo to blur or become lighter faster, fading and leaving the eyebrows looking sparse yet again. With touch-up treatments and more regular sessions, you can combat this problem if you do not have dry or “normal” skin types.

How do my lifestyle habits and daily activities affect my microbladed brows?

There are a few ways in which you can help your microblading results last. These include:
· Avoiding extended sun exposure, which can fade pigmentation, so sunblock is highly recommended
· Frequent sweating after workouts or activities which can fade microblading results faster
· Avoiding touching the eyebrows and keeping them dry for a week after treatment
· Avoiding the use of skin care products or cosmetics for a week after treatment
· Allowing the area to heal properly afterward to reduce potential fading
· Avoiding certain activities for the first two weeks, including swimming in chlorinated pools or spending time in steam rooms and saunas

Who can I connect with to learn more about microblading and if it is right for me?

At The Skin Bar in Matthews, North Carolina, our team of professionals, including several medical aestheticians, have years of experience in providing microblading and other cosmetic services for both men and women in the area. If you are considering microblading and want to speak with a professional who can assist in providing this and many other solutions for the skin, we invite you to connect with the team at The Skin Bar! Call (704) 890-5460 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 101 East Matthews Street, Suite #750. We are open to new and returning patients and we look forward to meeting you to discuss your needs during your complimentary skin consultation appointment!