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Latisse, a prescription treatment for growing longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for inadequate or insufficient eyelashes. Its use has been clinically demonstrated to result in longer and more luxurious eyelashes.

Latisse works by extending the length of time that eyelash hairs stay in the growth phase and increasing the number of eyelash hairs in the growth phase. As your existing eyelash hairs are replaced with new eyelash hairs, the new hairs will be thicker, darker, and longer. However, Latisse will not affect the appearance of your existing eyelash hairs. (You may continue to use mascara in addition to Latisse solution until your new thicker and more luxurious eyelashes grow out.)

Visible improvement in the appearance of the eyelashes will occur gradually. For example, Latisse users saw a significant improvement in eyelashes within two months, with the optimum progress occurring after four months of continued use.

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Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting will improve the general appearance of your eyes to make eyelashes appear thicker and fuller. Lash tinting is an excellent option for people who have a busy or active lifestyle, as you wake up looking like you already have mascara on. Great for swimmers, contact lens wearers, and people with little time to apply makeup.

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Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift enhances your natural lashes and gives them a little boost/lift making them appear longer without the commitment of lash extensions. A lash lift treatment designed to provide you with beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks.

The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler. It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer and your eyes more open and bright (a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara. It makes your eyelashes look darker, thicker, and fuller. It’s particularly striking on those with naturally blonde or red lashes).

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Full-Set Eyelash Extensions

Please plan for 2 – 2.5 hours for your initial application. Do not wear contacts and remove eye makeup. Services include a full consultation, including medical history and assessing your natural lashes.

After the application, we will review protecting your investment and care for your new lashes. Noting that all lashes are not the same, we offer custom sets based on your lash structure and desired look.

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Eyelash Extensions, Touch Up

As your natural lashes shed, so will your extensions. Therefore, it is recommended that you come in for touch-ups every 1-4 weeks. This appointment will ensure that every stable natural lash has an attachment. Appointment times vary from 1-1.5 hours, depending on how long it has been since your prior treatment.

If you have gone more than four weeks and have few remaining lashes, you may require a complete set of lashes again.

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Eyebrow Lamination

First, a keratin-infused straightening solution is applied to the brows, followed by a setting solution; then, it’s finished off with a tint (different color options) and the desired shaping of the brows. Less invasive than microblading, with shiny, feathery, beautiful, flawless results.

So if your fear of needles has stopped you from getting microblading, or you’re not quite ready for the commitment that comes with permanent makeup, brow lamination may be the best thing for you.

Eyebrow Tinting

For those women who spend at least 15 minutes on their eyebrows every day – outlining, filling, and working to create fuller and more defined brows, tinting can help. Give your brows a thicker, darker appearance by getting them tinted, and cut down your makeup routine dramatically!

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Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading can transform your face by creating your eyebrows strand by strand for the most natural-looking 3D-like results. A technique that adds semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Each hair stroke is made by hand, leaving a natural, complete look to maintain a full brow.

Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, and the products you use. Touch-ups generally are required about once a year to maintain your results.

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Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner enhances, defines, and gives life and personality to your eyes and face. Your lifestyle plays an important role. If you are in a conservative environment, your eyeliner selection may be for a natural look.

Conversely, if you live a bolder lifestyle, your face may be more dramatic and perhaps include a bolder color choice. For example, if you have blue eyes, a soft grey may best compliment the eye color. A dark brown, smooth, or even intense black could be best for brown eyes.

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Lip Tint

Lip Tint enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost of vitality and even coloring. Lip Tint is an extremely popular semi-permanent makeup treatment providing a flush of color and defining the lip’s contours. The final result will resemble a very subtle, matte, natural-toned, even tint to your lips.

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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign growths of skin that many individuals have on their bodies. Skin tags are not a threat to your health, but they can be annoying. Skin tags, caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin, are most common in the underarms and neck areas. When they become irritated, they can become inflamed and painful.

Removing a skin tag is a simple process. Skin Tags can be cut off using a sterile instrument or frozen off with liquid nitrogen or the Subnovii Plasma Pen.

We use a local anesthetic before the procedure. We will determine the best approach for removal at the time of your appointment.

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PRF Hair Restoration

Hair loss affects both men and women as part of the aging process. Other factors that influence hair loss include genetic predisposition, alopecia, and often severe stress. Hair restoration with platelet-rich fibrin PRF is a painless procedure.

Platelet-Rich-Fibrin (PRF) hair restoration is a non-surgical treatment that uses cell growth factors to regenerate and restore the inactive hair follicle through wound-healing technology. These growth factors are essential for tissue regeneration and healing.

PRF begins by drawing the client’s blood, much like a routine blood draw. First, it is separated by the use of a centrifuge. While the blood is being prepared, the client’s scalp is numbed with a topical anesthetic cream making the treatment almost painless. Once the serum is isolated, it will be injected into the scalp, where hair loss/thinning occurs.

Hair restoration may be combined with microneedling therapy using the Sonovi Skin Pen. As a result, there is no downtime, and everyday activities may be resumed.

Hair follicles treated with PRF are reinvigorated immediately after hair regrowth begins. As a result, hair will strengthen and become thicker. Results are within three to six months.

We will begin with a consultation to discuss goals and potential results. This process may take several visits to achieve natural results.results.

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