At The Skin Bar of Matthews, North Carolina, our providers work routinely with both men and women, seeking solutions for the gradual development of fine lines and wrinkles. Many may incorrectly believe that plastic surgery or elective procedures are their only hope for reversing the signs of aging. But products such as Botox can offer similar results in a less invasive and more affordable manner. Men and women seeking this treatment will love the results and will often ask how often they need to return to maintain the results for as long as possible.

How often do you need Botox once you start?

The providers at The Skin Bar are here to provide patients with the answers to their questions, especially when they are considering Botox injections. But understanding Botox and how it works will help in determining how often injections need to be performed to maintain the changes.

Botox is a medication that is used to limit muscle contraction in the areas treated. While it has been used for conditions such as chronic headaches and migraines and even overactive bladder, it is best known for its ability to smooth away wrinkles and folds across the face. These imperfections, which are caused over time by muscle tension and known as “dynamic wrinkles,” are easily improved with a simple Botox injection. Botox blocks the nerve signals to the muscles and restores a more youthful look in a single visit.

However, Botox is not permanent, and over time, it will begin to wear off. This is why patients who are interested in maintaining the results for many months and years will need to visit The Skin Bar for regular treatments. For most of our patients, we find that treatments spaced several months apart, anywhere from three to six months, is best to achieve the changes and make them last. The time needed depends on how your muscles react to Botox and how quickly it wears off. If you notice the return of wrinkles or increased muscle movement, it might be time to speak to our providers at The Skin Bar to schedule an appointment for additional injections.

Why should I choose The Skin Bar for my Botox injection treatments?

Botox injections should be performed by a trained and experienced provider. At The Skin Bar, our team of aestheticians have the certification, training, and credentials to offer cosmetic treatments at our state-of-the-art medical spa facility. We also take time during the consultation appointment to make you feel at ease and better understand all the procedures available to you so you can make an educated decision regarding Botox or other cosmetic treatments that will help you reach your goals!

How do I find out more about Botox injections?

If you are considering cosmetic injectables such as Botox and live in the Matthews, North Carolina area, we welcome you to request a consultation visit today to discuss your needs. Our providers are here to help you to look and feel your best, and with Botox injections, you have the opportunity to turn back time without the need for plastic surgeries! Call (704) 890-5460 to speak to our friendly front office team or complete this form to request an appointment at our clinic, conveniently located at 101 East Matthew Street in Suite #750. The team at The Skin Bar is excited to meet you and start your journey towards healthier, more youthful looking skin!